<!-- TITLE: Projects --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Project planning & backlog --> # Projects *Last reviewed: Aug 29, 2019* ## Tools & Thoughts * **Code repos on Github:** https://github.com/unquietwiki?tab=repositories * **Linters & checkers:** https://gist.github.com/unquietwiki/ff6354d41017459c2709b2365f4aa770 -> need to break this out here, based on what I know works. * **Packaged installers for tools:** https://brew.sh/ & https://chocolatey.org/ * **Languages:** getting caught back up on C++; need to revisit JS; stuck on helping fix up game mods unless I got a better handle on Lua. But I also have a Go book, and keep hearing good things about Rust. ## Backlog * This website: specifically, I need to go over https://unquietwiki.blogspot.com/ & migrate content here, as able. * https://github.com/jech/babeld/issues/22#issuecomment-433177932 -> need to do this still; possibly also run cppcheck on the code. * https://github.com/unquietwiki/floorplan -> need to re-analyze & figure out why I could never get it to work right. * https://github.com/unosquare/passcore -> I probably need to back out of this; haven't been able to actually run that software since June 2018. * https://github.com/zentyal/zentyal/issues -> I opened up a few issues that still need further review from me / others as of July 2019. * https://github.com/openwrt -> I said a while back I'd help out with the package updating backlog. * I need to help out more with the New Horizons mod for Stellaris; was asked to help out their tooling guy. ## In progress * https://github.com/kdave/btrfs-progs/pull/181 -> submitted in Jun 2019. ## Ideas for work * https://github.com/greenshot/greenshot -> been using this for years; see about helping out. * https://github.com/cyanfish/naps2 -> I tried to get the dev to look at moving on past XP support; do I need to instigate a NAPS3? * https://github.com/FreeRDP/FreeRDP -> I instigated the creation of this 10+ years ago; I could at least do some bug checking.